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Our Process and Pricing

College Money Report™

College affordability assessment for one student.

Ideal for high school students with a standardized test score (ACT/SAT) and a list of top three potential colleges.

One College Money Report™ with a list of three colleges. Students are encouraged to share the completed College Money Report™ with their high school counselor.

College Pre Approval™

College planning in a project-style format covering the academic, financial and social fit elements recommended for college selection.

Ideal for college-bound families who want to collaborate on maximizing financial aid, minimizing taxes and graduating with manageable student loan debt.

 College Pre-Approval™ report with a list of up to ten colleges and a 60-minute session. Scheduled reminders on important deadlines and documents required throughout the application process.

Foundations Plan

Financial planning in a project-style format covering the core topics needed for a college-bound family.

Ideal for college-bound families that are planning for the cost of education, while ensuring they remain on track for retirement and their investments are properly managed.


 Three Meetings
Discovery: assess financials and collect documents.
Planning: refine goals and clarify financial standings.
Implement: present action items, outcomes and next steps.

Advanced Planning

Ongoing comprehensive financial planning, with regularly scheduled meetings. (Foundations Plan is required)

Ideal for those who want to continuously collaborate on financial planning, delegate investment management to a professional and have an accountability partner to remain on track.


  • Progress meetings are scheduled at least every 6 months
  • College focus sessions
  • Additional sessions may be scheduled as needed for life events and transitions 


Get My Report

One Student: $500
Two Students: $750
Three Students: $950

Individuals: $950
Couples: $1,250
Families: $1,500

$2400 annual minimum

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